Why CIS0835 should not be cancled

1. The chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education (IBE) is trying to decide whether CIS0835 should continue next semester or be terminated. The IBE has asked for your opinion, as a recent student of the class, as to what to do. Please write a persuasive letter to the Intergalactic Board of Education stating your opinion on the matter.

Dear IBE,
I recently heard you were planing to possibly terminate cyberspace in society as a class in Temple. I have recently taken the class and think there are some valid attributes to this gen. ed. class. I don’t know if you may realize how many people are not well versed in current technology and all it has to offer. This class allows people to try out and find new websites and programs they may not have been sure as to how to approach using before. Some people may not even understand the uses of some of the newer things available to us such as Flickr and SoundCloud and open source software in general.

Also learning where computer come from in origin is an important and interesting part of this class.  You don’t learn the history of these great technologies that rule over our lives in any normal history class.  Also learning where the basics of programing and the concepts behind computers is very important as well.  Alot of people just take for granted the amount of technology we have and act as if it has always been there.  I never even heard of people like Alan Turing or Vannever Bush before learning about them in this class.  Without Alan Turing’s contributions to modern computer science we probably would never have developed to where its at now.

I know I never knew about a lot of things that come up in class such as a presentation given recently by a fellow classmate that talked about this currency concept called Bitcoins.  it is a new curency that was started only a few years ago in 2009 that is based on space in your computer and everyone has the potential to “mine” them for real potential gain, you can exchange them for real physical things or gift cards.  The concept questions our current currency system and makes me wonder if it is obsolete to have to go through banks and change currencies from place to place.

This class covers so many things that are not covered in other classes. In our modern world this information is valuable and crucial to learn.  It would be a shame to get rid of this class that is constantly growing in value.  I think it is hard to direct the class because it is a constantly changing field but if anything it is important stuff to know and by getting rid of it people will be at a disadvantage without it.


A concerned student
exploring cyber space

Atribution: exploring cyber space created by certified su through Creative Commons Licensing.

One Response to “Why CIS0835 should not be cancled”

  1. lockmantuj April 16, 2012 at 10:12 AM #

    Thans Bryan, this is a moving testimonial. I appreciate it.

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