Horror Movie

5 Mar

So Me and my friends back home have dabbled in making some short film type things.  Being a huge George Romero fan and zombie fan in general, Me and my friends made a first person take on a stand alone zombie infestation that was caught on tape but was never released to the public.  Its not the best video ever but has received a decent amount of views on you tube over the years.  We have more likes than dislikes which i am proud of as well.  Making this was fairly basic using a digital camera and then using basic video editing software that came with the camera I added the text at the beginning and the end which could probably be done with more ease using I movie.  I just thought that this was appropriate to share based on the DS106 assignment Horror film.

Guess that Single

27 Feb

SO can you Guess The single? Ill give you a Hint its By a band called Mogwai. The process for making this is fairly simple, finding 3 images and combining them through using the quick select tool in Photoshop and magic wand tool to select the parts I wanted and attaching them to the rest. along with setting the opacity to a lower level for the cat eyes and and using layering effects such as multiply. to allow for translucency and setting up a Chanel mixer layer to adjust color.

Expression of Myself (through others)

27 Feb

With this Assignment The point was to Express yourself in an Image but I decided to mix it up a bit and express my Friend Tanner in an Image. Tanner is From San Diego California and enjoys all things Mexicano. We have a burrito club here in Japan for our Hunger for burritos and must consume at least 1 a week. Also Tanner makees his own special Guacomole so the background is some good ol’ Guac. This picture is indeed Muy Bueno! (Very good for those of you who don’t speak the Espanol.)

1 second Video

20 Feb

The Assignment was to make a one second video that tells a story.  This sort of constraint presents an interesting challenge that can have surprising outcomes.  I chose to use a 1 second video of my Friend Jacob.  In this video he is simply being Himself.  It’s strange how sometimes a single second can tell you more about a person than knowing someone for a long time.  Not to say that you don’t know your best friends or Family better than any other person but a single second has some sort of honesty behind it.  A second is enough time to see something but just short enough to not judge a person.  There is also something nostalgic about seeing a second long clip, it sort of makes you try to imagine what was happening in that given situation and lets you relate to it in how you perceive it.  I’m not sure if my video is the best example of all this but the Video that inspired the assignment is definitely a good example of how 1 second can be nostalgic in a sense.

Interesting take on Internet services

14 Feb

I just was stumbling and found this page of Super hero versions of websites, thought it was interesting and related to class.  It poses heroes and Nemesis against one another.  Do you think that these websites are really against each other?  or can they exist in the same realm and both prosper?

Web 2.0 looking forward at what could/will be.

14 Feb

The question that Professor L. posted in the recent Google Doc. arose  “In the last section of the reading it speaks of applets in Web 2.0 enriching user experience. In the future, Web 3.0, what would be a hypothetical “level up” in enriching user experience?”  I am really interested in this question as well and have blogged about some syfi and reality that relates to this “3.0 “aspect.  Its interesting that we give the internet these linear terms of 2.0 and 3.0 because these advancements happen in such a sporadic and unnoticeable way.  We have, in my opinion, surpassed 2.0 and are more like 2.5 or even further on.  According to wikipedia’s definition of of Web 1.0 is considered when WWW. came into effect in 1993.  Web 2.0 started in 2001 with user based sort of sites that allow for every person to share and control information that is seen.  So far many ways of communication through the internet have been developed over and over again.  Many blogging websites are available, paired with social networking sites like my-space and Xanga in the early 2000’s dominated.  Then with the conception of Facebook social networking exploded and became a dominate part of our internet culture.  As we go along all these sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog spot and so on become more interconnected.  Also Google has a big hand in directing how this all is happening because of the amount of domains Google owns.  This is hard to say weather it is a good thing or bad. here is a link that compiles a list, as of  Feb. 2008, of domains Google has consumed.  Perhaps we are closer to 3.0 than we realize and the revolution of 3.0 will flow seamlessly into our current idea of the internet.

10 second ringtone only using voice 2/6 Daily Create

8 Feb

upside down

8 Feb
upside down by lazypenguin13
upside down, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

Daily create for 2/7/2012

Album Art

4 Feb

So I definitely enjoy this type of assignment.  This is the folk black metal band Krasnołąka, they hail from Poland and get their name from the their home town.  This is their 15th album release and they have really been rolling with the times the past 27 years.  They have moved through many genres of music including,  disco, country and Tuvan throat singing.  They were pretty bad at all that so they ended up getting thrown into the folk black metal genre.  they have toured extensively in Poland and Japan.  I personally designed this last album cover using imagery of a man on fire from Flickr.and I was told that they got the title from a Oprah Winfry Quote.

You can take from every experience what it has to offer you. And you cannot be defeated if you just keep taking one breath followed by another.
Oprah Winfrey (1954 – ), O Magazine, What I Know For Sure, January 2004
They really like Oprah and her plan to dominate the world.  I simply used Photoshop to mesh together a stellar album cover conveying the bands love for rainbows and violence.  All in all a success.

Words with no English Translation

27 Jan

retrouvaillesSo with this assignment Make The Untranslatable Understood you are asked to choose a word from this random word generator provided and apply it to an Image that gives the word meaning and a better understanding through the visual.  I came to the word Retrouvailles meaning “The happiness of meeting again after a long time.”  I knew I had some pictures that would fit this description.  Do I decided to use this picture of me and three of my very good friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time.  We all ended up taking different roads in life so far so it had been a long time since we last met.  The process for making this was fairly simple.  I just opened my image in Photoshop and used the basic text tool to add my word.  I chose to use a muted color from the picture using the   tool so the word would not stand out as much and let the picture speak for itself.

mis amigos