Daily Create 3

February 18-24, 2012

Feb. 18th- Making someone elses art mine in a picture- tdc40

Glass nerves by lazypenguin13
Glass nerves, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

This was a collaborative glass blowing piece that was done during Tyler school of arts 24 hr blow-a-thon. The piece was roughly 8 by 15 feet in a rectangle sort to grid, but this shot was looking more at the perspective on the ground level. I thought this made a much more interesting point of view. Also this glass was unannealed, which means it was not properly cooled making the glass much more ridged and prone to break and crack, this presents a lot of challenges when doing something like this, so it is even more compelling.

Feb. 19th- Prized possession- tdc41

my bright blue book bag by lazypenguin13
my bright blue book bag, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

My book bag is definitely one of my most prized possessions because it often times contains some of my other most prized possessions. I have had this book bag since 6th grade and it has withstood the test of time. It has a few bumps and bruises but it is still fully functional.

Feb. 20th- Job I once had- tdc42

watching hunter by lazypenguin13
watching hunter, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

One job that I had once or twice actually, was dog sitting. This dog here is my Moms Friends dog Hunter. Watching dogs is a job I enjoy just because I love dogs in general. They are definitely the best pet and friend you can have.

feb. 21st- Ambient story telling- tdc43
a lazy Sunday in the Ontakesan Dorm.

feb. 22nd- favorite song voice cover- tdc44
This was a sad attempt at one of my favorite epic songs by my favorite band Mogwai.

feb. 23rd-

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