Daily Create 1

Everything prior to February 10, 2012

2/6/2012- 10 second ring tone- tdc28

A 10 second ringtone only using my voice Daily Create uploaded to sound cloud.  Its sort of based on a song from a band called the Jesus Lizard.

2/7/2012- upside down- tdc29

We had to take a picture of something upside down so I did myself upside down but my hat and headphones are still right side up.

upside down by lazypenguin13
upside down, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

Feb. 8th- Place I lose things- tdc030

place I loose things by lazypenguin13
place I loose things, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

I often lose things in my basement. For instance I lost my friend rob in my basement.

Feb. 9th- Happy moment in life- tdc31

The happiest moment in my my life is everyday I would come home to my puppy dog Summer. she is the best.

Feb. 10th- What I aspire to be- tdc32

a self made super hero by lazypenguin13
a self made super hero, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

I hope to become my own super hero one day.  These are some people in costume as characters from the DIY superhero movie called “Super”.

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