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Time Machine For a Website

9 Apr

So this assignment for time traveling through your favorite websites is awesome!  It’s funny how quickly we forget how certain websites looked before the last update,  You constantly hear people complain about every new Facebook update but how quickly we forget how we hated the last update just as much. Way Back is a great tool to look back at how things were!

But for the purpose of this assignment I chose to do a website that’s not Facebook.  I picked one of my old favorite music websites called finetune.  This website offered the ability to comb through their music catalog and create playlists.  The only catches at first were you were only allowed 3 songs from the same artist per playlist and the playlist needed to be at least 45 songs long to be playable.  This website opened me up to a whole world of music that would never known about through suggestions from similar artists and listening to other people’s playlists at my own leisure.  It was a really good tool to get to know specific bands and songs because of listening to your playlists randomly being played multiple times.  I spent many nights just going through music and learning about artists and new genres.  Sadly the website is not what it once was.  Because of the massive funding necessary to maintain a website like this and the money that would be due to record companies for using their songs, the website no longer offers the playlist building ability, This practically brought the community and usage of the site to a standstill, They are still in existence and have tried a few branch off ideas such as an online DJ similar to Last.FMs scrobbler that allows the website to access your iTunes and broadcast what you are currently listening to others but it never took off.  Fine tune also offered a few different players that could let you use your Wii to stream music to your TV and another app to stream to your I-Phone.  There are plenty of other websites that have developed like Fine tune such as Last.FM, Pandora, Grove shark and 8-track, but it is just inconvenient to have made all these playlist and not be able to add to them anymore.

I think flaw finetune had to its structure was poor programming, it was prone to freeze up and load things in an odd way.  Your player could often freeze or not load something causing you to have to restart the playlist.  Also later on skipping songs became a limited ability, they did not want you to make playlists solely for the purpose of listening to one song and just skipping the rest as filler.  This is true for most music player websites now though, with the exception of grooveshark.  Music sharing is a touch subject, the lines of ownership, stealing and radio have become blurred because of the internet and how we use it.  I don’t think these big companies and record labels that are against sites like fine tune and understand how greatly these internet radio sites affects the amount of people it brings to their artists.  A lot of people do buy the albums and pay to go to concerts and buy the merchandise simply from finding the music on their own through interactive sites like this.  It’s a shame that they are constantly being threatened by being shut down under different copyright acts.

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Mashin up Album covers

4 Apr

In This mashup assignment you were supposed to remix an iconic Album cover to mean something else.  Instead I sort of went in a different direction and combined two album covers from 2 of my favorite bands Mogwai and Boards of Canada.  I used Mogwai’s EP+6 cover and  BOC’s (Boards Of Canada’s) Music has the right to children.  Both bands draw from an ambient sound but approach music in different ways.  Mogwai is mostly instrumental Post-rock using mainly traditional rock instruments Guitar, Bass and Drums but run their sound through boards and boards of effect pedals to get very interesting results.  BOC is a duo who are primarily Electronica and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).  They use a lot of scratchy analog samples based around 1960s educational videos from The National Film Board of Canada.  It’s strange that both groups just happen to be based out of Scotland.  The Image that came out is rather nostalgic feeling image filled with graininess.  The process was rather simple, you just layer one image on top of another how ever you want then adjust the opacity and fill on the images to get the desired translucency.

The secret alliance of guys who do challenging things.

3 Apr

In this world there are things that need to be done.  These guys are the guys you may consider hiring when combing the yellow pages for “people who do things good” because they are the only group that do things good.  The leader of the group is a man whom dresses in a penguin costume and has the power to eat 10 or more Tacos at any given time.  He goes by the alias Pengo, the eradicator.  His right hand man is the Talker, a Giant man who could talk a deaf mans ear off.  His quick tongue allows him to overload even the most attentive listener causing them to freeze in a trance like state.  His Brother Dr. Explosion Von Brownie is able to use him extreme strength to catapult baked good s at any foe, no matter the distance.  Next on the list is The Libertarian, A man whom has the ability to alter the standings of any election using his semi-physic powers of persuasion.  He has an impeccable power to excrete green Guacamole  substances from his palm dispensers.  Party girl fits the bill as a girl who can party hard without warning, but don’t think you will get anything past her she can detect any mental activity you can throw at her with psycho analytical powers.   She can also make a mean Buffalo Chicken Dip and other party foods.  Then there is The Great Meatball Machine.  A man-boy with the power to ball up his own meat like flesh and splatter it on his opponents spreading raw meat diseases such as salmonella. Last but not least is speed-car man.  a man who can drive the gang around at warp speeds in his gas guzzling war tank.  His lack of respect for local law enforcement makes him a key part of getting to places before anyone else.  Also he has a Knack for fixing things by hitting them or taking unnecessary pieces off.

Picture of cos-players at NY comic-con 2011, I took the picture!

Picture of cos-players at NY comic-con 2011, I took the picture!

In the debut episode of their adventure as a team a woman calls the hotline for help saying her dog that has some how gotten itself stuck up a tree.  The team hardly assembles fast enough to even remotely call it an emergency rescue, but when everyone finally makes their way to the war tank and speed-car man promptly makes a pit stop at WaWa for sandwiches and drinks.  Afterwards when the team finally made it to the distressed puppy, whom was now asleep in the tree, Meatball machine Man started to throw meat at the dog.  Pengo was still eating his Taco Sandwich while Dr. Explosion Von Brownie and The talker argued over who would win in a fight, Harry potter or Superman.  Party Girl was rocking out to Andrew W.K. trying to shake the Dog out of the tree and The Libertarian was eating Guac out of his hand dispensers.  Needless to say the dog did get down when knocked out with a meatball but the owner was less than pleased with the service.  The gang quickly regrouped in the war tank and off they went to Karaoke.

Seven Person Story

The Visable College response

28 Mar

screen shot of Dr. Bryan Alexander from lecture.

With this recent Lecture with Bryan Alexander he proposed a few different predictions that the future could go in, in the year 2022.  After explaining some research methods Bryan Alexander showed four possible futures, Phantom Learning, The Lost Decade, Alternative residential and Renaissance.  They all seem to idealized but I think that of the 4 a Renaissance would be the best of the possible outcomes.  perhaps the future just scares me but the way in which all the other possibilities seem so idealized and inhuman, where technology dictates humanity and not the other way around.  I think the view of schools disappearing and being replaced with more on-line education scares me in the sense of people not really getting the same education they would be getting in a more traditional atmosphere.  Also when things are done on-line, acquiring a degree seems less meaningful, its possible for someone else to do all the work for you without you ever have even done a shred of work.  Also It frightens me even in today’s world how cut off people are from one another.  A big part of going to school is the social interaction you get from being there and meeting people in person.  If you never go to school, and get a job where all your work is done through a computer what do you really DO?  Maybe I am just slightly old fashioned in my way of thinking but it genuinely frightens me.  I am no exception from the masses of today who mindlessly ogle their feeds on Facebook and what not while touching away on their i-phones and devices instead of interacting with the people around you.  I often wonder while I am doing this one thing who am I missing the chance to meet?  This is not to say technology and human interaction can not exist together in a constructive manner but the example of phantom learning seems to be so extreme.  With the idea of the Renaissance there is room for massive amounts of creativity and always seems so alluring to me as an artist.  I do not think that any of the possible futures will actually happen being that they are just predictions but I think they do lend valuable insight as to where we may be headed if you combine them into one view.

Optical Illusion

18 Mar

For this assignment we needed to share a picture of an optical illusion.  This Is a picture of an optical illusion i created using red tape in this hallway.  My idea was to create a red slit down the hallway that was one continuous line.  Red is just a good color to exaggerate against the green walls which could mess with your eyes.  Also there is a saying in the sculpture world that I was thinking about when I made it.  The saying is something along the lines of, if you think something is not interesting enough make it bigger, red and multiples of it. 

Fan Fiction

6 Mar

So for this Assignment it was pretty broad, All you have to do is post a picture related to your favorite show, movie, song ect.  This picture I am using is a painting I did that involves Rocko From Rockos Modern Life, the 90’s nickelodeon cartoon.  It is my all time favorite cartoon and In this painting I used Rockos Image as a means of depicting how people forget about over time.  We will remember vague details about things from our past but form some sort of memory loss related to the subject.  Also there are a lot of Zombies because I think Zombies are great metaphor for loss of memory.  Zombies are generally mindless and are not the people they used to be.
The painting is done in acrylic paint, gouache and collage on Canvas.

Horror Movie

5 Mar

So Me and my friends back home have dabbled in making some short film type things.  Being a huge George Romero fan and zombie fan in general, Me and my friends made a first person take on a stand alone zombie infestation that was caught on tape but was never released to the public.  Its not the best video ever but has received a decent amount of views on you tube over the years.  We have more likes than dislikes which i am proud of as well.  Making this was fairly basic using a digital camera and then using basic video editing software that came with the camera I added the text at the beginning and the end which could probably be done with more ease using I movie.  I just thought that this was appropriate to share based on the DS106 assignment Horror film.

Guess that Single

27 Feb

SO can you Guess The single? Ill give you a Hint its By a band called Mogwai. The process for making this is fairly simple, finding 3 images and combining them through using the quick select tool in Photoshop and magic wand tool to select the parts I wanted and attaching them to the rest. along with setting the opacity to a lower level for the cat eyes and and using layering effects such as multiply. to allow for translucency and setting up a Chanel mixer layer to adjust color.

Expression of Myself (through others)

27 Feb

With this Assignment The point was to Express yourself in an Image but I decided to mix it up a bit and express my Friend Tanner in an Image. Tanner is From San Diego California and enjoys all things Mexicano. We have a burrito club here in Japan for our Hunger for burritos and must consume at least 1 a week. Also Tanner makees his own special Guacomole so the background is some good ol’ Guac. This picture is indeed Muy Bueno! (Very good for those of you who don’t speak the Espanol.)

1 second Video

20 Feb

The Assignment was to make a one second video that tells a story.  This sort of constraint presents an interesting challenge that can have surprising outcomes.  I chose to use a 1 second video of my Friend Jacob.  In this video he is simply being Himself.  It’s strange how sometimes a single second can tell you more about a person than knowing someone for a long time.  Not to say that you don’t know your best friends or Family better than any other person but a single second has some sort of honesty behind it.  A second is enough time to see something but just short enough to not judge a person.  There is also something nostalgic about seeing a second long clip, it sort of makes you try to imagine what was happening in that given situation and lets you relate to it in how you perceive it.  I’m not sure if my video is the best example of all this but the Video that inspired the assignment is definitely a good example of how 1 second can be nostalgic in a sense.