Well I’m Bryan, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Bucks county, PA mostly in the town of Langhorne, PA and went to Neshaminy school district for my entire grade school career.  After High school I got accepted into Temple (main campus) as a Tyler school of art student.  I like to work in all types of  mediums, such as Glass blowing, silk screening and performance but my major is in sculpture, which in Tyler at least is a very broad major that allows for a lot of leeway.  I am studying abroad in Tokyo because I have always wanted to come to Japan and Temples program seemed like a great way to do so.  As far as computers and technology go I like to think I am pretty proficient.  If I have a technical problem I can usually figure it out.  I  think I am relatively in tune with the internet and its many uses, but Don’t always take advantage of all its different facets.  This class seems like a good way to try out different web sites for networking and media so I am excited to get into it all.

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