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The Visable College response

28 Mar

screen shot of Dr. Bryan Alexander from lecture.

With this recent Lecture with Bryan Alexander he proposed a few different predictions that the future could go in, in the year 2022.  After explaining some research methods Bryan Alexander showed four possible futures, Phantom Learning, The Lost Decade, Alternative residential and Renaissance.  They all seem to idealized but I think that of the 4 a Renaissance would be the best of the possible outcomes.  perhaps the future just scares me but the way in which all the other possibilities seem so idealized and inhuman, where technology dictates humanity and not the other way around.  I think the view of schools disappearing and being replaced with more on-line education scares me in the sense of people not really getting the same education they would be getting in a more traditional atmosphere.  Also when things are done on-line, acquiring a degree seems less meaningful, its possible for someone else to do all the work for you without you ever have even done a shred of work.  Also It frightens me even in today’s world how cut off people are from one another.  A big part of going to school is the social interaction you get from being there and meeting people in person.  If you never go to school, and get a job where all your work is done through a computer what do you really DO?  Maybe I am just slightly old fashioned in my way of thinking but it genuinely frightens me.  I am no exception from the masses of today who mindlessly ogle their feeds on Facebook and what not while touching away on their i-phones and devices instead of interacting with the people around you.  I often wonder while I am doing this one thing who am I missing the chance to meet?  This is not to say technology and human interaction can not exist together in a constructive manner but the example of phantom learning seems to be so extreme.  With the idea of the Renaissance there is room for massive amounts of creativity and always seems so alluring to me as an artist.  I do not think that any of the possible futures will actually happen being that they are just predictions but I think they do lend valuable insight as to where we may be headed if you combine them into one view.

Optical Illusion

18 Mar

For this assignment we needed to share a picture of an optical illusion.  This Is a picture of an optical illusion i created using red tape in this hallway.  My idea was to create a red slit down the hallway that was one continuous line.  Red is just a good color to exaggerate against the green walls which could mess with your eyes.  Also there is a saying in the sculpture world that I was thinking about when I made it.  The saying is something along the lines of, if you think something is not interesting enough make it bigger, red and multiples of it. 

Lets talk about Repression, Control and Propaganda! ^_^

15 Mar

So for my Topic I am talking about Repression, control and Propaganda in relation to the article “Does The Cybersecurity Act Of 2012 Mark The Beginning Of The War On Cyber-terrorism?”The article addresses the topic of The Cyber security act of 2012 that has come out of congress, an Act that would give any part the US government freedom to take action against any suspected “cyber terrorist group” that is trying to compromise Infrastructures in the US economy.  Supporters of the act compare cyber crime damages on a global scale to the black market drug trade which makes no scene in association. Here’s the excerpt from the article.


“A Norton study last year calculated the cost of global cyber crime at $114 billion annually,” said Sen. Susan Collins. “When combined with the value of time victims lost due to cyber crime, this figure grows to $388 billion globally, which Norton described as ‘significantly more’ than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined.”

This article brings up the point that this is simply a scare tactic being used to coerce people into feeling insecure and siding with the bill.  It is always important to take a step back and look at what is the bigger picture here.  Most of the bill is concerned not with your individual personal safety but big corporations best interests.  The bill is essentially asking you to give up part of your civil liberties so these big companies can feel a little bit safer.  Cant the government already intervene against acts of terrorism?  Why do they need another bill on top of the Patriot act which allows the government to listen in on any phone activity they want to?  With acts being passed like this over time individual freedom is being eaten away.
One of the key figures these supporting politicians are pointing out is the group Anonymous.  They denounce Anonymous by calling them a “Cyber Terrorist Group” and compares them to al Qaeda using the term “stateless group”.  They then contradict themselves by saying that Anonymous is not powerful enough to pose any real threat of an infrastructure collapse at the moment in their “stateless group”.  Anonymous has never made it their goal to try to dismantle any major company or hurt any individual.  They have made corporate operations more transparent and simply asserted that people who are not in a place of high power are able to think for themselves and act when instigated.  I am not glorifying Anon. (Anonymous) but am simply saying the government is using them as an excuse to gain more control than they should have over matters.  There was also talk of Russian and Chinese spying on US information through Hacking but of course the countries have denied any involvement.  At the end of the article the author makes the point that Even if Cyber Hacking poses a Legitimate threat to our way of life is having the sense of security really worth giving up civil liberty?

Response to Lei’s presentation of “The end of Online Privacy”

15 Mar

On Friday the 9th I listened to Lei talk about his article he analyzed.  The Article The End of Online Privacy talks about how big websites and companies are getting an inside look at who you are as well as how through smartphone apps your information and privacy of everything related to your phone is compromised through the way you are forced to accept the terms of use with many applications.  With companies like Google who have so much sway with how technology is used it is hard to keep tabs on what they are doing at all times.  A big problem now is Google’s newly updated privacy policy that connects a lot of the information from their monopolies is being utilized to target advertisements more precisely to your interests.  Lei pointed out an example in the article that I thought was interesting of a story of a service Target has on their website where target will predict a 25 item list it thinks you would be interested in based on past information.  This apparently was a big controversy when a pregnant teenage girl who had yet to reveal to her father she was pregnant was receiving coupons in the mail for pregnancy related items based on her online purchases.  The fact that everything you search on Google is not erasable is a scary thought.  Eve if you delete your cookies Google still has that information saved on a server.  It is truly hard to be anonymous anymore, you have to really know what your doing to hide your tracks.  Going back to this cellphone app is a more serious risk than people realize.  Giving access to your information by just pressing that OK button is risky in that companies can access your contacts, credit card info related to the purchase of the app and if a hacker gets into their information it can be very detrimental to you.  You are able to get viruses on your phone just like your home computer now.  Hackers can set up fake apps that can burn out your phone completely or steal your information with just that single push of a button.  Thanks Lei for sharing this article, it is good to take a step back every so often and get the bigger picture of how things are working in the world. 

Fan Fiction

6 Mar

So for this Assignment it was pretty broad, All you have to do is post a picture related to your favorite show, movie, song ect.  This picture I am using is a painting I did that involves Rocko From Rockos Modern Life, the 90’s nickelodeon cartoon.  It is my all time favorite cartoon and In this painting I used Rockos Image as a means of depicting how people forget about over time.  We will remember vague details about things from our past but form some sort of memory loss related to the subject.  Also there are a lot of Zombies because I think Zombies are great metaphor for loss of memory.  Zombies are generally mindless and are not the people they used to be.
The painting is done in acrylic paint, gouache and collage on Canvas.

Horror Movie

5 Mar

So Me and my friends back home have dabbled in making some short film type things.  Being a huge George Romero fan and zombie fan in general, Me and my friends made a first person take on a stand alone zombie infestation that was caught on tape but was never released to the public.  Its not the best video ever but has received a decent amount of views on you tube over the years.  We have more likes than dislikes which i am proud of as well.  Making this was fairly basic using a digital camera and then using basic video editing software that came with the camera I added the text at the beginning and the end which could probably be done with more ease using I movie.  I just thought that this was appropriate to share based on the DS106 assignment Horror film.